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Tips for doing those pesky daily quests

Posted Nov 4th 2012 4:00PM by Anne Stickney

Tips for doing those pesky daily quests
I'm nearly done with stage one of the reputation grind in Pandaria, although it sounds like patch 5.1 will be bringing more reputation right along with it. But just because I'm done with reputation doesn't mean I'm done with dailies. There are a ton of achievements associated with the various factions and daily quests out there in Pandaria, and some of them involve multiple days worth of daily quests.

The one I just completed today was Over Their Heads, which requires you to bomb several targets during the Klaxxi daily quest Dark Skies. Much like its earlier Firelands incarnation, this quest cannot be completed in a single day. It involves bombing spawned mobs around Klaxxi'vess. And I didn't realize it until further on in the run, but there are only three rare mobs that pop each day. So if you're working on this achievement and you find three of the mobs, you can call it good and finish the quest. As an interesting side note, many of these rare spawn mobs are bosses you'll find when you enter the Heart of Fear raid. I didn't put two and two together until I was in the raid instance itself.

But there are far more dailies out there than just that lone Klaxxi bombing run.

Orcish Army Knife put together an excellent guide of tips and tricks for the various daily quest around Pandaria recently, and it's worth a look if you're struggling with daily quests. In addition to tips, the post also highlights useful, fun, or just plain bizarre information about some of the daily quests you'll encounter in Pandaria. For instance, druids can shapeshift into any form while flying around on Cloudrunners during the daily quest Riding the Storm. Useless to actually completing the quest, but the thought of a giant bear on the back of a cloud serpent is downright hysterical.

Here's a few highlights from the extensive list. There are tons more useful tips for all daily factions in Pandaria. Heading over there and giving the entire post a read if you're looking for daily quest tips and tricks would be an excellent idea. And don't stop at the post itself -- in addition to the post, the comments section also includes a variety of user-submitted tips and tricks as well.

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